The Community

Community Organizations

  • Community Development Council (Cocode)
  • Community Development Association (ADECO-UNZ)
  • Women’s Organization
  • Council of Elders
  • Catholic Church
  • Middle and High School Committee
  • Elementary School Parents’ Committee
  • Committee for the Defense of Natural Resources
  • Evangelical Church
  • Youth Organization
  • Community Health Organization
  • Dental Health Committee
  • Human Rights Committee

Everyone has something to contribute: Committees in Copal AA

  • Hospitality and food
  • Communal labor
  • Community police
  • Water
  • Euro-solar project
  • Craft marketing
  • Grant-writing
  • Environmental health
  • Information and news
  • Recreation and culture
  • Midwives

Community By-Laws – The following actions are prohibited:

  • Use of agricultural chemicals
  • Slash and burn agriculture
  • Sale of junk food
  • Sale of alcohol and fireworks
  • Grazing domestic animals in public spaces
  • Selling property to unknown individuals

Defending our lands against neoliberalism

  • Defense of territory against mining, dams, oil, and African palm
  • ACODET: Started in 2007 with 4 communities
  • 52 villages affected by the dam, which could flood 56 square kilometers
  • We are ready to fight to defend our lands
Here, the people give the orders and the government obeys! No to the dam!



Strength in Numbers